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Refrigeration for Your Home Bar

When it comes to having your own home bar, one of the most important components of your bar is going to be refrigeration. There are several different kinds of bar refrigeration to consider. There are wine refrigerators, draft beer refrigerators, kegerators, beverage centers, back bar refrigerator and ice makers. The kind of refrigeration that you put into your bar is going to be based upon the room that you have and the kinds of beverages that you, your family and friends enjoy the most.

Another thing you will need to consider is if you want to build the unit into a counter or under your bar. If you choose built in you will need to make sure that the compressor vents are to the front or that the unit specifically states that it is to be used as a built in unit. If you don't the hot air from the unit is going to have nowhere to go to and you will end up burning out the units compressor motor. You do that and the refrigerator is shot.

If you are in need of a cheap wine refrigerator there are different types and sizes which are based on how many bottles of win you are wanting to chill and what color of wine it is. The smaller wine chillers for example will hold about 16 bottles of wine and the larger ones can hold over 100 bottles. A lot of the models are small enough to fit on your back bar if you have one or the counter top. So make sure that you know how much space you need for your wine and find out what temperatures are required for the kind of wines you enjoy.

If you are looking for something that will take care of your beer whether it's draft beer or bottled and canned will determine the kind of unit you might want to get. If you don't want to put in your own keg system for draft beer you can always buy an under the counter keg refrigerator which can be built into the front or the back of your bar. They are easy to install and can be pulled out later and can be used as a stand alone unit if you would rather use it that way. There is also the stand alone draft beer refrigerator and it can be used by the side of your bar.

Finally if you are wanting to serve bottled beer, canned beer, wine, different malt beverages, juice and soda to have a full on bar, then your best bet is to go with a beverage center. They come in a variety of sizes and are usually built into cabinets in a back bar. They usually come with a glass door so that you can display all the beverages that you have to your friends and family.

There is one item that often gets overlooked when people are setting up their own home bar and that is an ice maker. Think about how time consuming it is to make ice in ice trays. You can solve this problem by buying a small portable or under the counter ice maker. You don't even need a drain line. If you are the type of person that buys a lot of bags of ice, you'll be amazed at how quickly an ice machine will pay for itself.